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[sticky post] -0- just a simple rumbling

the thing is
i don't know what to write

well, i think i'm not cut for this...writing is obviously not my thing, but i selfishly think that i can..just wanted to try something, but, the outcomes never occurred to me...
then, why i made this account??? just for satisfaction???
i just don't know
just a bit about myself..
obviously jazze88 is just the name of this livejournal...
i have another lj account and it is purplesayang, the first that i made and still active until today (I AM A SELFISH PERSON)

i'm sYashO, a Malaysian..^^V

if ever you stumbled with my real name, congratulation, now you know my real name...
but, i'll refrain myself to ever disclose it here at this moment...

of all people that have the urge of befriending me, douzo, please do so...you are not restricted and i don't mind, in fact, it makes me happy...

but, i think you should know that since i basically don't have any idea of what to write, maybe it would be left unorganized for a long time, meaning that i can be on hiatus for a long period of time, and frequently

well, let time decides...and your judgement too, whether you want to befriend me...

and also, i don't have strong skills on english, so maybe my words will be full of errors and mistakes...

i am not more that just a simple living organism that ever exist on this beautiful world, and i am truly grateful for every single breath that i take...

i am old, but i'm living happily with myself...
yes, i love myself more that anyone else ever love me...but, i often challenging myself in order to make myself stronger...

well, yes, i love V6
maybe through this connection we can build some sort of relation...haha

=yoroshiku onegaishimasu=



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